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Why 100% uptime is a myth

100% Uptime: We have all heard of it and we all (rightly) strive to achieve it. The services we provide are key to the success of our businesses and therefore we want them to be constantly available.


Just imagine a potential customer attempting to visit your online presence only to be confronted with a server error. I’m sure you can envisage the instant bad impression this generates (“this company is unreliable and unprofessional”; “they can’t even keep their website online – why should I do business with them?”; etc.) .

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Auto-Scale Ghost Instances (AWS EC2)

Over the past week I have been testing Amazon’s AWS EC2 Auto-scaling with a few custom AMIs. Early today as I was cleaning up the auto-scaling configuration I encountered a bit of a conundrum – the auto-scaling API was returning a few instances that did not exist and was stopping me from removing an auto-scaling-group. After hitting Google I wasn’t any wiser, but it seemed that I did not dismantle my test setup properly, which was most likely causing the problem.

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Finding and removing duplicate records (MS SQL)

Here are two very useful T-SQL queries for finding and removing duplicate records within a selected table.


Make sure you backup your table/database before running the query to remove duplicates.


Finding duplicate records

select Field1, Field2, Field3, count(*) from Table group by Field1, Field2, Field3 having count(*) > 1 --Use as many fields as possible for selecting duplicate records.

Removing duplicate records

delete a from (select DupeRank = row_number() OVER (Partition By Field1, Field2, Field3 order by Field1, Field2, Field3 asc) from Table) a where DupeRank > 1
--Use the same fields as in the first (finding duplicates) query.

Windows Server 2012 RC on VMware Player

Microsoft Windows Server ® 2012 is the latest server operating system from Microsoft and is currently available to download as a Release Candidate. Packed with plenty of new features, and many existing features overhauled it may prove to be “the most significant release of Windows Server ever” (as quoted from Microsoft). For more information take a look at the Microsoft website.


I highly recommend that you take the Release Candidate for a spin and what better way than to use VMware Player on your computer (after all it’s free!).

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